Sunday, November 18, 2007

Those odd coincidences

So, seems everybody's talking pov this weekend. Writer blogs I frequent, as well as new ones I followed links to. All of it appropriate, as I'm still debating how I want to tell this tale, except no one's saying anything that either 1) gives me some new fuel to contemplate, or 2) made the light bulb go off yet. It's just all really good recaps of what I already know, the kind that makes me nod and go "yep."

And I'm writing a book about a POW Camp survivor, and today, I met one from WWII. Now that's an odd coincidence. I'm never prepared for these kind of encounters, so I mostly let him talk. I couldn't think of the questions I really wanted answered while I was sitting with him, even the simple ones, though now, they're flowing in an endless cycle of question marks. Naturally. So, maybe that just means I need to go back and speak with him again.

Had my best writing day yesterday, even after all my various attempts to fail. Exceeded 4000 words and got myself nicely caught up. Got 1700 today, so I'm staying in line. I'm wrapping up chapter six, sitting at 56 pages single spaced. I didn't make it to the scene I thought I would, but that's good, as tomorrow should be easy to jump into.

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