Friday, November 14, 2008

Ahhhh, road blocks

And not the good kind.

My neck spasmed again yesterday, and that kept me from sitting at my computer last night, which kept me from writing. I'm icing it now, so hopefully that will help get me through work today. Nano has been up and down, and right when it was coming up again... this happens. I'm not sure why I even keep trying this year. Though nano has gotten me through a stuck part in ILS and now I just have a few hundred words to button that story draft up.

I've been watching more Joel McCrea movies, but that's a whole happy post all by itself.

Yesterday, I got the Indiana Jones Soundtracks Collection from Intrada. Ah yes, me happy. There's music on here I've been waiting years and years for, like the "Approaching the Stones" cue from Temple of Doom. Naturally, that was the first music in the set I listened to. I'm not the biggest John Williams fan (give me Jerry Goldsmith and Elmer Bernstein any day), but I do love the Star Wars and Indiana Jones scores with all my heart. They're part of the fabric of my existence, much like the movies themselves. I'll be kicking back and checking out the rest of the previously unreleased cues this weekend, and I can't wait.

Speaking of unreleased music, it appears Bernstein's score to Hud has never been released. Damn. I watched that film for the first time as part of a mini Paul Newman tribute, and while I did not like the movie, the score was great. Hud reminded me a bit of The Sweet Smell of Success -- I recognize both are very well-done movies, but the lead character(s) are so nasty and miserable, spending time with them is just too unpleasant to do more than once. And no, the wonderfulness of Melvyn Douglas and Martin Milner, respectively in each film, does not offset the yuckiness of the other self-serving characters.


  1. Oh, I'm sorry about your neck...I hope it's feeling much better now. :)


    Ready to lose all faith in me as a fellow film buff? I've never seen INDIANA JONES or STAR WARS! :(

    As for the music: I always kinda get the SUPERMAN song mixed up with the STAR WARS theme. Am I crazy? I mean, do they sound somewhat alike??

    I used to listen to the SUPERMAN one while writing...for some silly reason, it made me feel important. :)

  2. Sadly, neck's still really bothering me. Not sure what to do about that. May have to break down and find a doctor if it stays tweaked. Grrrr.

    And you're not the first I know who's never seen either film! It's quite okay. They aren't everyone's cup of tea (though with your love of old films, you should really like Raiders of the Lost Ark -- it's right up our alley), and that s quite all right.

    Growing up in the 70's, there was life pre-1977 Star Wars, and there was life post-1977 Star Wars, and they were not the same thing. That movie totally changed my life in all sorts of fantastic ways. It changed the way I saw the world, and it changed the way I saw movies. But I think it's something people had to really live through, otherwise they're just movies, for good or bad. They're not the Event they are for someone like me. I still remember waiting in the huge lines outside JC Penny's for them to open so we could buy t-shirts and Star Wars figures, games... Star Wars was so much more than a movie in 1977. I keep wondering if there will ever be anything like that experience again. :-D

    But you should definitely see Raiders, if nothing else!

  3. Hey Ginger, you're not crazy! I used to get the SW and Superman themes confused when I was a kid. They do have a lot of similarities.