Sunday, November 02, 2008

And then again...

I've just dropped my nano word count back down to zero, as I've decided not to write "The Traitor" right now. I really wanted to write the book following the Think Sideways course techniques start to finish to see what works/doesn't work for me, and I simply decided on this project too late to get all the right prep work done in time. I know very well I can write a book without more planning than I have right now, I've done it successfully before. But I want to try something different with the next book I write. So, back into storage it goes.

I do believe (and this will delight Ms. Maggie LeMay to no end) that I'm going to follow my Fruit Salad partner's steps, and do 50K of new words on Combat! fanfiction. Why? Because I'm bloody sick to death of having these last three stories taking up brain space, and I want them gone gone GONE.

This will do it. One month. Three stories. 50K. Out of my head forever.

And then, I can focus properly on the novels. This makes me very very happy. It's a win-win proposition!


  1. Starting all over?

    I thought about that too...

    I just can't seem to get settled in.


    I'm so glad you're very, very happy. :)

    Best of luck with your new idea!

  2. I seem to recall it was your idea to do C! for Nano in the first place. So really I'm following your mental footsteps....

    (Weirdness -- the word verification for this post is "warkeen." I kid you not.)