Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Because the alternative is unthinkable."

Day 14 - Favorite male character

Well now, here's another question that has a ton of answers. I could say Sgt. Saunders from Combat!, or Captain Kirk or Admiral Nelson or Adam Cartwright or James West or Spike. I love them all, but really, one male character tops them all for me. That would be Methos from Highlander.

Ah, Methos. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Oldest immortal in the Highlander universe. One of the Four Horseman. Cynical, witty, snarky, still able to fall in love and become completely vulnerable all over again. A survivor. The perfect balance for MacLeod, who represents nobility and integrity, honor and chivalry, goodness. And Methos, who as he says himself was born "long before the age of chivalry." A man who recognizes MacLeod is a better man than he is, and after all those years of surviving, is willing to give up his head to him. Gets all the good dialogue and many of the best emotional moments on the show. Methos is, quite simply, the coolest male character in television. Ever. Not to mention Peter Wingfield is very good-looking and has one of the best voices (and accents). He's one of those actors who could read me the phonebook and make it sound good. He's also a damned fine actor.

I found this youtube compilation of the funniest Methos bits from "Till Death," one of Highlander's lighter episodes.


  1. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Ah, so. And here I was expecting Sean Bean after you'd said your favourite actor was a Brit!

    I have to agree on Peter Wingfield's voice: very nice - clear and strong, but also very...calming, I think. No rough edges to it at all. As to accents, I'm still trying to work out what his accent actually is. It certainly isn't Cardiff, whatever his Wiki article might say... :-)

  2. Hee, nope, though I do like Richard Sharpe. But I haven't actually even seen the entire series yet... bad me. However, if we were talking the Sharpe series, I'd be tempted to pick Sgt. Harper as my favorite character. I loved him. (Hm, I seem to go for the secondary characters, don't I!)

    Yes! Calming is a great word. It's a very soothing but strong voice. I got to meet him once and it's just as nice a voice in person.