Thursday, June 17, 2010

Monday nights at 7 pm

Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching

I find this a stupid question. Tastes are so different, what's the point? For example, I'd never inflict Have Gun-Will Travel or Cheyenne or Big Valley or Bonanza on someone who didn't like Westerns, no matter how much I love the shows or want to share them.

What I would answer is that I wish people would watch more television shows made prior to 1970. Most have superior stories, dialogue, and actors to what's produced today, and I wish more people would take the time to sit down with older television shows and discover what they're missing. Whether it's drama or sci fi or westerns or comedy... there are plenty of shows that fit the bill.


  1. I love playing "spot the actor/actress" in so many 1960s shows! Leonard Nimoy on the Virginian, Jack Lord on Bonanza, Leslie Nielsen in...everything! My love of movies nosedives right around the early '60s, and then my love of TV shows peaks around the 1960-75 range.

    Great idea for a meme. if I had blog that people read, I'd do it, too.

  2. Yes! It is so much fun seeing these actors pop up unexpectedly. And Leslie Nielsen... you are so right. He was in everything! And in all those serious roles...where I still have a hard time taking him seriously.

    I'm right with you, though my love of movies nosedives at the end of the '60s, but for tv, definitely '60s through early '70s. One good show after another in there.