Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)

I had seen this movie a long long time ago, but it has been so long, I'd forgotten what happened in it! It was quite different from what I thought I recalled. I always thought of Lana Turner as much more of a femme fatale than she actually was. I love that she always wears white, except for a couple of times, which I'm sure is loaded with symbolism, but it's too early in the morning for me to delve into that.

My favorite part of this film was just watching John Garfield. He has an easy acting manner that just makes him fascinating to watch. He reminds me, physically, just a bit of a young Charles Bronson. I really liked him and do believe I will need to rent a few more of his. There was a special features piece that was TCM's "The John Garfield Story." I watched that too, and enjoyed it a lot, but it was so sad too. I knew he'd died young, but only thirty-nine? Sad. Such talent, taken away so early.


  1. Lana Turner in this role isn't exactly the smartest of femme fatales, is she? Of course, Hume Cronyn's character has enough brains for both of them; I love some of his expressions in this movie.

  2. The chemistry between Turner and Garfield is pure magic. Even with the censors and restraints of the day, the audience misses very little of what Cain's book spells out, thanks to the thoughtful writing and the fantastic performances.

  3. Hiya Rachel - yeah, she really isn't. I think what surprised me is that she wanted better for herself, but she couldn't really think outside her box. Hume Cronyn was awesome, all scheming and manipulative and very very clever.

    Davelandweb - you are very right. Their chemistry really holds this movie together.