Saturday, March 17, 2012

Things that make me happy

Huzzah! At long last, the wonderful score to Island at the Top of the World has been released by Intrada! Thank you!! I've literally been waiting my whole life for this one to come out. When I was young, I'd recorded the beautiful main title by holding a tape recorder up to the television when the movie was aired. I think I finally wore that tape out. My, but this is so much better! This is a gorgeous, pristine copy of the score, with lovely packaging, and, needless-to-say, it's been playing on the stereo non-stop since I received my copy.

This soundtrack is my favorite Maurice Jarre film score of all time.


  1. Oh, do I remember doing that very same thing---holding a tape recorder up to the TV or radio! Those sure were the days!!!

    I have never heard of this movie or its score, but I'm really glad you were able to obtain something that brings you so much pleasure!!

    1. That's great, Deb, good news for you after a long week.

      We seemed to live parallel lives in so many ways -- I used to record favorite pieces of movie and TV music on a tape recorder, too. In these days of "instant everything" it's hard to people like my kids to understand how ephemeral things were -- here and then maybe gone for years -- and the lengths we had to go to to be able to enjoy bits of things we love!

      Best wishes,

    2. Hee! I love that both of you have done the same thing with the tape recorder to TV and/or radio! Ah, those were the days. And yes, it's so hard to explain to today's youth how we didn't have just about every movie/TV show available at the push of a button whenever you want to see it. Sometimes, I think I valued movies and the experience of those movies more when I had to wait and wait for them... and then sometimes I think that's nonsense because I value them just as much today when I can grab the DVD off the shelf. It was just a different time, that's all.