Wednesday, March 14, 2012


So, what's up with the inability to have post comments emailed to you on blogger anymore?? The radio button to select the email option is gone on everyone's comment forms, and and I get zero email notifications except on my own blog. This vexes me greatly, as now, the only way to see if there's a response to my comment is to go remember where I commented the next day, and go back and manually check. I don't have time for that! I barely have time to post/read around here anyway. Email notifications were lovely and necessary and kept everything neat and tidy and timely.

This is annoying me greatly. Anyone have a suggestion or solution? Thanks!


  1. Are you getting them on mine? You should be. I was irritated at the same thing, and I determined that on blogs where the comments are "embedded below post", you can hit the "subscribe by email" area (to the right of the "publish" button) and thus be notified of comments to that post.

    I went ahead and changed the format of my blog from the pop-up window to the embedded below post, and doing that gives me an opportunity to respond to every single comment individually.

    And I've gotten email notification from a few blogs I visited during the Gone Too Soon blogathon...but only the ones with comments embedded below post.

    And since your blog is one of those, I will hit the "subscribe by email" area and be kept abreast of other comments on this post.

    1. Yep, I think yours is the only one I get them on right now! I had done the same thing you did, switch to embedded comments after googling this issue last week and finding a few other comments. But how frustrating! Sounds like if a blog user doesn't change the type of comments they have in their setup, the email button is toast. I wonder why that option would be removed from the other types of commenting boxes? Lame.

    2. Besides changing the email availability, Blogger also made commenting on some blogs even more difficult when they changed the word verification to those 2 nearly impossible-to-read words.

  2. I'll go change my comments format right now! Glad there's a solution of sorts. Thanks for the tip!