Friday, July 12, 2013

Mutiny on the Bounty (1935)

In lieu of a real post about this movie, we'll just post some delicious pictures of Clark Gable as Fletcher Christian.  

Just look at that last picture.  Yowza!  No, Rhett Butler is most decidedly not my favorite Clark Gable role.  Fletcher Christian is.  Gable should have played a few more swashbuckling pirate/sea captain roles back in the day, he does it so well.  And I'm one who prefers him without the moustache, though he undeniably wears that moustache very well.  But this look right here?  Just can't be beat for sheer attractiveness.

Fletcher Christian has long been one of my all-time favorite characters, from both this movie and from the book, but I realized it was definitely this particular movie that cemented him as a favorite character (and role model) very early on for me.  Christian is darker and moodier and less noble in the book.  In the movie, he's constantly trying to protect the men from Bligh while doing what he can to stay within the law.  As "protection" is one of the most prominent character traits I love, of course, I love this version of Fletcher Christian.  It's perhaps a more "Hollywood" version of Christian than the other later movies present, but that's not a detriment for me.   If I want to watch Mutiny, this is the version I will always turn to.


  1. Well, having just seen Gone with the Wind on the big screen last night, I am in major Clark Gable mode today! He was made for the big screen!

    You know me and any kind of facial hair, so you will be surprised to know that Clark is one of the few mustaches I do like. But he looks equally fantastic without one!

    I haven't seen "Mutiny on the Bounty" for a few years, but you (and my Clark viewing last night) have put me in the mood for it.

    By the way, Mutiny was the film which brought Franchot Tone into my life. I had never heard of him prior to this, and I was quite smitten with him.

    Love this post! Thanks!

    1. Woo! Can't wait for your report on the GwtW experience! Do you know, I missed seeing it on the big screen a couple weekends ago. But everyone I was going with canceled on me, and it was so hot out, and it was such a long drive... I ended up just opting to stay home. I regret that, but I know it will be back around again too, so I'll get another chance.

      Yeah, that's because Clark Gable rocks that moustache. I don't think there's anyone who makes a moustache as sexy as he does.

      I had a couple screenshots of Franchot Tone, but I didn't post them today, figuring I'd save them for an actual review of the movie one of these days. Sorry about that! And I love him in this movie too. Love his character, love the actor.

    2. TCM has this on their schedule for August 25th, so I'll DVR it, record it to disc, and then have it available whenever I want.

      Next year will be the 75th anniversary of GWTW, so I fully expect a celebration with many cities screening it. You'll be able to catch it then.

  2. Hey! I tagged in you in a post! :-D