Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Happy Tag

From Hamlette... Things in various categories that make me happy.

The Secret Ways by Alistair MacLean
Golden Witchbreed by Mary Gentle
Anything by H.G. Wells
Han Solo and the Lost Legacy by Brian Daley
The Plastic Abyss by Kate Wilhelm
Four Ways to Forgiveness by Ursula K. LeGuin

taci (Italian for shut up or be quiet)
parapluie (French for umbrella)

The Force Awakens (2015)
The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)
The 13th Warrior (1999)
For Greater Glory (2012)
The Lone Ranger (2013)
The Dirty Dozen (1967)

Ponderosa Pines (their bark smells like vanilla, only better)
The Sierra Mountains
fresh rain on concrete/asphalt
laundry drying
fresh cut grass
homemade bread baking

"Run for It" from Lonely are the Brave by Jerry Goldsmith
"Cristeros" from For Greater Glory by James Horner
"The Resistance" from The Force Awakens by John Williams
"Wild Boys" Duran Duran
"Nume custode e vindice" from Aida by Giuseppe Verdi
"Eri tu che macchiavi quell'anima" from Un Ballo in Maschera by Giuseppe Verdi
"The 1960's; The Turbulent Years" from Nixon by John Williams

Cats - cats curled up next to me at night, riding on my shoulders, greeting me at the door when I come home, bugging me to feed them, sprawled on my lap, purring, the way they come running on the double when called.  Cats cats cats.
hot black tea
Duran Duran
driving stick shift
The Star Wars universe


  1. I think my favorite part of this tag is seeing people's lists of words. I kind of know what books and movies a lot of my blogging friends like, but the words -- that's just cool info we don't get otherwise. "Morose" is such a delicious word :-9

    1. Morose has been one of my favorite words since I was 11 and read it in some MacLean book and realized it was the exact term for my personality (back then). Okay, I'm still morose on ocassion, but not like I was from age 11-18. Stupid teenage years! Now those were my true morose years (just ask my sister!).

      And yeah, the words are fun, so unique to individuals. Some seem to be for how they sound or roll of the tongue. Some are for their meaning. Some are both.

    2. I think I just have a liking for words that end with -ose. Morose. Verbose. Lachrymose.

    3. Hahah! You mean for once I'm the one who likes something for it's meaning and not its sound? Hee! This might be a first! The rest of the words I listed, however, I like both because they're fun to say and I like their meaning. Morose is only there because it's significant to me. (And it's always the first word I think of if someone asks me my favorite words.)

      "That's great."
      "No... not great... but significant."

      (Random quote for the day from Flight of the Phoenix, cuz I can't say significant without hearing Richard Attenborough.)

    4. I chose my first 3 (dream, yearn, enchant) because they're words I've loved for years. The other two (persnickity and selbstverstaendlich) because they're fun to say.

  2. Hi, Dkoren! So, I'm not sure exactly what happened or when it happened, to be honest, since I've lost 3 followers in the last 2 months (and you're the only name I recognize as being gone so the others must have just been looky-loos who never interacted). Only I know that you were following my blog for years and now it seems that you aren't, which is entirely your choice, of course, but I still was a bit surprised when I saw myself down by another follower this morning. I apologize if I said anything to offend you, although I would have hoped that if that happened, we could have talked it out or something. I do try not to bite people when we disagree. If it was the SW post, oh well. I've already taken it off my blog and have pretty much decided that I'm not going to bother with political jargon again since it's not worth the effort over such a minute issue that will likely never happen. I've determined my posts will not focus on anything negative from here on out. So if that's why you stopped following me, I am sorry. Not for my views, which won't change, but for voicing them in a public forum and in a way that may have offended you. Or you may have stopped following me for other reasons, which is fine, but I had thought we got along great. Anyway, I'll miss having you on my blog, but if you decide our online blogging interaction is at an end, I'll abide by it. Because I wouldn't want to make you uncomfortable and so I promise to not pester you on your blog. That's not my style. But I did just want to confirm what happened instead of just assuming, and I do hope we can still be blogger friends. If not, just let me know and you won't have to hear from me again. I appreciate it. Thanks!

    1. Oh woops! I'm sooooo glad you posted! I did do a massive clean up of my blogs this morning cuz over 50% of the ones I had been following hadn't posted anything in over 3 years and I decided it was time to do a spring cleaning. Yours was NOT supposed to be removed, but I must have clicked something by accident. Thanks to your letting me know about my mistake, I've just re-added you.

      So no, nothing you've said offended me, so let me set your mind at ease there! We often disagree on things, sure, but that's part of why I like following your blog, because I like reading other opinions on things. I would find following only blogs of people who think the way I do (not that there are any) extremely boring.

      So, my apologies for any unnecessary angst and bad timing that caused.

    2. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad that I said something then! And I am very grateful, from pretty much the bottom of my heart, that I did not say or do anything to offend you. Because that would have never, ever been my intention. Sometimes my fingers run away with me before my brain has time to catch up and by then its usually too late. I'm improving in that area, slowing down, thinking first, but I sometimes still slip up and make poor judgement calls.

      Anyway, I'm so happy about the circumstances here. I've accidentally deleted blogs in a cleaning before myself and had to track them down again. Thank you, for being so understanding and so very gracious!

    3. (I'm eavesdropping on your conversation.)

      Blogger just posted a thing a couple weeks ago where it says it's changed how GFC works, so people who used it with OpenID instead of having a Google account have been deactivated, or something like that. I lost a handful too -- went from 101 followers to 95, and I was like, "Wait, six people quit following me all on one day? What'd I do????" But I couldn't see anyone I cared about missing, so I just kind of shrugged it off, and then a couple days later I read about them changing GFC, so it all made sense again. So maybe the same thing happened with some of yours, Carissa? Besides DKoren's inadvertent unfollow -- I have soooo done that before. I have also had GFC suddenly drop me from blogs and then I realize a while later that huh, so-and-so isn't posting anymore, then can't find their blog on my list, and have to try to find them again. Grrrrrrrr. Technology :-b

    4. I'm somewhat amused that you guys know how many followers you have and can actually tell if one drops. I couldn't begin to tell you any of that. I wouldn't even know where to look. The only way I know someone's following is if they comment here. Which is like... all of three people. LOL!

    5. You have 60. It's the number by your little "Join this site" widget on your sidebar.

      I just kind of glance at mine now and then, and usually would say, "Oh, around 90 some on both blogs with Google Friend Connect, and another 40 or so with Bloglovin'," except that I hit 101 back before Christmas on the Precipice and thought that was pretty exciting. And then dropped back under when they did this.

      Mostly I don't care how many people are following me, I just like having people to discuss movies and books with. But the number 100 was really exciting, hee.

    6. Oh, you mean that section over there called "Followers" on the right? LOL. How 'bout that.

    7. Huh, so that's what happened. I guess it makes sense in a weird sort of way. Because I admit to noticing, Rachel, that you had topped 100 followers and thought it was very strange when you dropped down again. At least now the mystery is solved!