Sunday, April 24, 2016

Silver in April

Ack, look how fast he's growing.  19 pounds this morning. 19!!!  He almost doesn't look like a puppy anymore, but has graduated to "young dog."

I've been taking him to "puppy play time," which Petco offers free several times a week to let puppies socialize with other puppies in a safe environment, with a trainer to help correct behavior and keep an eye on everything.  He loves it, and it's always interesting how if there's another Husky pup there, the two will gravitate right to each other.  My sister came with me to the last session, and she said Silver was both the handsomest puppy there, and the most regal.  He stands very proudly, in that classic show-dog stance.  I thought those dogs had to be taught that, but maybe some stand that way naturally?


  1. Oh, he's beautiful and---as your sister said---regal. What a gorgeous dog!

    I got a new puppy (another beagle) a couple weeks ago. She's adorable to the max. Her name is Gracie. I kept telling my husband that I wasn't going to do the 2-dog thing again, but I caved, and as soon as I did, he was on it. I think he thought if he waited too long, I might change my mind. Anyhow, I'm speaking puppy these days too. What a fun language!


  2. Oh, how funny. As soon as I hit "publish," I noticed your "hugs are NOT my department" banner. Sorry...

    How about..


  3. What an absolutely GORGEOUS dog! Oh my! I wish I could reach through the screen and hug him!

  4. I nominated you for a movie-themed Liebster Award here. Play if you want to :-)

    Silver looks very wise in this shot.