Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Progress check-in

Hey! I'm two-thirds done with the novel edit. It's 150 pages, and I'm exactly on 100 (er... that's probably quite misleading, cuz of the weird Word settings I prefer. Let's see... in Times New Roman 12, single-spaced, that would actually be page 143, of 220.) So, this one's going to be just about exactly 3 months to produce the first draft; three month to edit/write draft 2. Interesting!

Two-thirds done and starting act three exactly on cue. Not planned intentionally, but it came out that way just the same. This from a story written with no pre-existing outline and penned almost completely on the fly. Makes me realize how little I have to think about such things any more. Natural plotting is so engrained in me, it'd be almost impossible for me to BREAK this kind of structure, even not knowing where the novel is going. Cuz, really, my novels are just movies. Everyone single book I've written, for better or for worse, follows the pacing/structure of a two-hour screenplay. Again, not with any deliberate intent, it just seems to be the way my brain tells a story. Yeah, yeah, I know. Boring. No avant-garde, push the literary box stuff from me. Tough.


  1. Say, do you by chance run over scenes in your head trying out different 'camera placements'? 'Shoot' them from different angles? Know just when you'd do a swift zoom-in to a close-up on a character, when you'd do a fade-out...

    Any scene I write, I can tell you exactly where my camera is. I could sketch them for you, probably. Story-board them, really.

    I'm such a freak.

  2. Oh definitely, I can tell you every single camera angle, every cut, every close up, every shot period, on every single story I've ever written. I really wish I could just download the movie from my brain. It's all there. Ready for viewing.

    But I don't try out different angles, no. It comes to me one way, and that's the way it always is. If I re-write a scene, it might "switch" camera angles to accomodate the new material, but then every subsequent read has it that new way.