Sunday, May 21, 2006

Frustrations? What frustrations!

I'm through! No jury-rigging, either. Just threw out the old, re-imaginged it, and then buckled down to a lot of hard work. I revised and rewrote three chapters last night and this morning to follow the new scheme of things, and, while it's not perfect, it's in one peice and it's decently coherent. (I hope.)

Which leaves just two chapters left to revise. And that puts me nicely back on schedule. I will finish by tomorrow night, maybe even by tonight, if I keep going with this momentum.

I forgot how absolutely ecstatic one gets when the end truly *TRULY* is within grasp. When the big hang-ups are now behind ("You're problems are all behind you now." -- James Bond, "Diamonds are Forever") and it's just the normal everyday minor revising and tweaking left. La-la-la-la!

Must eat lunch. Immediately.

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