Tuesday, October 10, 2006


That was a typo for 2006, but it feels appropriate so I'm leaving it.

I don't like any of my possible Nano projects!!!

What am I going to do?

10 days down, 21 to go. Somewhere in those 21 days, a project must be found. And where the heck are my muses when I need them? What good are they? Why is an annoying pestering C! character lounging around, grinning crookedly, and going "how about my sci fi western story?" while the muses remain absent? It's just not fair. And unless he's got a subplot or six up his sleeves, that idea is a short story, novella at best. You got that, buddy?? So it won't cut it.

And I still don't have a project.

Does it have to be a novel? Can it be two novellas? Five short stories? Anything totaling 50K new words?

Sigh. That's the character talking, not me. He wants his story. It's about love. Figures.

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