Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oh crap.

You think I'd have learned my lesson last year: never disparage a fictional character. Never doubt them when they tell you they can make something happen just because your brain is too limited to see the big picture. Because they'll just laugh at you (good-naturedly, in this case) as they deliver the goods.

The scifi western IS a novel.

Insufferable, smirking, stupid, shirtless character.

I guess I have my nano project.


  1. Hee. Now that leeson I did learn while writing Wirewalker. Never, ever play war with your characters. They're smarter - and fictional, so you can't kill them... :-D

  2. But it's not FAIR! Why do they have to know better? Why do they have to hook up with my subconscious and gang up on me? Like I can't just can't get by without them telling me how it's gonna go down. They make me look stupid and stubborn (not to mention insane). Okay, I am stubborn, but damn it all, if they're going to think they're brilliant and dictate terms, you think they could help out with the WRITING of the book. But no, they leave that to us.

    And why do they have to have such good ideas while they're at it?

  3. You see, you're falling into the trap. Asking why they're smarter than we are, why they gang up on us and make us look stupid is like asking why the sky is blue. It just is - and they just are. Damn them.