Saturday, November 15, 2008

Reason #1 not to read TCM's schedule

Dang it. I really really wish I could get just subscribe to one cable channel sometimes: Turner Classic Movies. Cuz they're having a Ralph Meeker night tonight, and as I don't have cable or satellite, I can't watch any of it. Sniff. And if I'm going to procrastinate on Nano writing, I can't think of a better way to do it.

Maybe it's a good thing, because my goal is to get 5000 words today. (The most I've done is a little over 6000 in a day, so I know 5K is doable.) I'm thoroughly distracted already by Joel McCrea right now... add a healthy dose of Meeker back into the mix (including two movies I've never seen that aren't out on DVD) and I'm doomed.

But what a pleasant doom it would be.


  1. Aw...sorry you don't have TCM. You could have thrown a rock at my head, and I could have taped 'em for you...I've got TCM and a DVR. Then I'd put 'em on a Videotape, draw funny little pictures of Dana Andrews on the label (ah yes, I can draw him...) and send it to you in a big brown envelope, complete with a warning to postal workers everywhere: "HANDLE WITH CARE! RALPH MEEKER INSIDE." :)

    There's a Joel McCrea movie coming on in the morning I'm gonna tape, just to check on your new leading man...I figure if we both like Dana and Van, maybe I'll like Joel too.

    As for wordcounts: I hope you got your five thousand yesterday. :)

    Mine's currently pathetic!

    Last year, on the very last day of NaNoWriMo, I wrote eight thousand words!...and then I nearly died. ;)

  2. Yeah, I don't have tv here, which 95% of the time is a really good thing, but every now and then, I really wish I could just switch it on. Like last night. And that is so cool that you'd offer to tape them for me! Usually I just check the TCM schedule at the beginning of the month, so I actually know what's coming and can make arrangements with people to do just that. But I didn't this month and so got caught off-guard. Sigh. And I would SOOOO love funny little DA pictures drawn all over the label! Hee. And your envelope warning busted me up. Love it!

    I think that's actually Hitchcock's "Foreign Correspondent" that was on this morning. That's the one I reviewed not too long ago, that sort of kicked off my looking for more movies. I need to write up a Joel post sometime this coming week about the films I've watched so far and my feelings.

    Alas, I didn't reach 5K, but I did make 3500... not too shabby. But wow! 8000 words on the last day?? Yikes! I think I would have died before I got that far! Even if it is last-minute deadline driven, that's a wonderful ton of words! Here's hoping you get more words sooner!