Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 23 - Most annoying character

I'm stuck on this question too. Oh sure, I can think of a ton of annoying characters on tv... the entire cast of Seinfeld comes to mind. Steve Carrell on The Office. Basically, any show I can't stand is on the "I loathe this series" list mostly because it's full of annoying characters. But as I don't watch those shows, I don't think it's fair to list them as most annoying character. I also am assuming this day's prompt is referring to a regular character, and not a guest star. Problem is, I like the characters on the shows I watch. I wouldn't watch the show if someone annoyed me. And fortunately, when there is a truly annoying character on a show that I like (Tasha Yar!), the series politely kills them off before I have too much time to complain.

But I guess, speaking of Star Trek: The Next Generation, I'll have to list Dr. Crusher as my most annoying character. I like Wesley and Deanna Troi better, and that's saying something. I just don't like her. Every other doctor on Star Trek was cool. She was just... well, annoying. And when her hair cut went all lopsided, it bugged me even more. Give me Pulaski, or Bashir or the Doctor on Voyager, or of course McCoy.


  1. No love for Michael Scott?! But, he's the absolute coolest! ;-D

  2. Anonymous2:57 PM

    You know, I really can't argue with that. Wil Wheaton was annoying as Wesley, but he at least had the excuse of being written that way (I mean, seriously, when is a supposed child prodigy not annoying?). Beverly Crusher wasn't written annoying...she just was, because Gates McFadden can't act. I mean, I wasn't much of a fan of Pulaski, but she was ten times, a hundred times better than Crusher.

    So, yeah. Good pick.

  3. Hee, no. Sorry, no love for Michael Scott over here. He's an ignorant, annoying jerk, and I still fail to see the humor. You know, I was thinking of you the other night. My family, however, loves that show (and Michael Scott, the weirdos, what are they thinking?), so I get stuck watching it over dinner a lot. I was thinking, hey, I'll bet this is what Millie feels like being forced to watch Star Trek by her family! :-D


    Tillane - yeah. Good points there. I know I always disliked her ten second bit in Hunt for Red October. She sooooo does not fit as Jack Ryan's wife, particularly Alec Baldwin's Jack Ryan. Bizarre casting, there.