Monday, November 14, 2011

Listy Things -- Oliver Reed

Favorite Oliver Reed movies...

1. Crossed Swords (1977)
2. The Four Musketeers: Milady's Revenge (1974)
3. Gladiator (2000)
4. The Sell-Out (1976)
5. The Great Scout & Cathouse Thursday (1976)
6. Revolver (1973)
7. The Three Musketeers (1973)
8. Lion of the Desert (1981)
9. Royal Flash (1975)
10. Z.P.G. (1972)

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  1. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Nice list.

    I miss Ollie Reed. There haven't been many actors with the kind of screen presence he had, and there aren't any now.

    I keep thinking I ought to nick this and do some lists of my own. Maybe in a week or two, though. One meme at a time... :-D

  2. Oh! Wonderful list! Love him!

  3. The first Oliver Reed film I saw was Take a Girl Like You, which sort of creeped me out (big hulky Oliver Reed stealing the innocence of my favorite child actress Hayley Mills was too much to handle lol) but then I saw him in Burnt Offerings -- which really wasn't that great of a movie, lol -- and I actually liked him. I guess as long as he isn't deflowering a young Disney star he's not that bad, haha! ;D

  4. Tillane - I was thinking about that myself, about how easily he dominates the screen when he's in a movie, doesn't even have to be doing anything, and I cannot think of a single actor today who has that same presence. Anthony Hopkins is the closest I can come up with.

    Hi Irene - thanks! He is a fascinating man.

    Kate, I totally get that. That would weird me out too! I've never seen Take a Girl Like You. I'm just happy I didn't see him in Oliver! first (although, technically, I think I did, as I saw Oliver! once upon a time when I was back in high school, but I remember nothing of it), as he is soooooo mean and nasty in that. Yeah, Burnt Offerings isn't that good of a movie, but he is cool in it. LOL!