Tuesday, January 03, 2012

My Foolish Heart (1949)

This movie reminded me that I am just not much of a straight romance person. This isn't a bad movie, there's nothing wrong with it, many other bloggers I know really really love this movie (coincidentally, Patti, from They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To just reviewed it very positively here)... it's just not for me. It simply doesn't offer me what I look for in my entertainment, despite Dana Andrews being in it. I was bored from the get-go. I never could relate or feel for the characters, the plot held no surprises and was very by-the-book, and... I found I'd rather have been elsewhere. Sigh. The only character I truly enjoyed was Robert Keith as Susan Hayward's character's father. He was great, and their relationship was refreshing.

Very glad I finally saw this one -- it's been on my to-see list for ages! -- but it's not one I'll be revisiting any time soon.


Patti said...

It's so funny how very different we all can be, isn't it? How we can look at the very same thing, but see something totally different. Of course, that's a good thing, because if we all liked the same genre, there wouldn't be much good in having several to choose from, would there?

The only thing I somewhat disliked about the movie (which I chose not to put in my review) was how neatly and tidily everything was all wrapped up. In some ways, it wasn't totally realistic to think she would change her mind about revealing that information.

We both agree that Robert Keith was great. I enjoy him in every role I've ever seen him in...including "Men in War" with my love Ryan and your love Ray.

Ginger Ingenue said...

Ah, you didn't like it?? I remember you saying you hadn't seen it, and wanted to.

-- I still haven't watched NIGHT SONG myself, despite having a copy of it now for quite a while.

Did you find it off-putting the way Dana was groping at Susan Hayward? Some of the scenes made me uncomfortable...like in his apartment.

It's not one I've ever rewatched, but I did enjoy it at the time, probably 'cause my kid was sick, and like Hayward, I was miserable.

DKoren said...

Alas, no, didn't really like it, but didn't really dislike it either. It just sort of falls in that see it once and move on category. I think I mostly didn't like it because I never connected to Susan Hayward's character. And when I can't connect or care about the lead... well, then my emotions are never engaged and it ends up being a meh movie experience. Even Dana didn't save it, but mostly because, for once, he seemed to be just phoning in is performance. I never really believed in him, either as a bit of a cad or lovestruck... which is unusual, as he usually sells everything. I could also have just been in a very off mood that night. It does happen!

Patti - yes, I definitely agree on Robert Keith. I also love him in "Men in War." He doesn't even say a word, but he conveys everything his character is feeling.

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