Monday, April 30, 2012

Meme-ish things - the letter M

via Rabia Gale:

How to Play: Comment to this entry and I’ll give you a letter. List ten things that you love that begin with that letter and then post that list on your journal.

My List: Ten Things I Love That Begin With The Letter M

(I'm leaving off Movies and Music here, because those kind of go without saying)

1. Mario Cavaradossi (my all-time favorite opera character)
2. Maps (reading them, studying them, memorizing them, making them)
3. Masada (the score by Jerry Goldsmith, that is)
4. Meteorites (looking at them, holding them, hunting them...)
5. Milnes, Sherill (my favorite baritone, what a voice)
6. Memories (what is life, but a series of?)
7. Mountains (I'm most alive and at home in the mountains, particularly the Sierra Nevada)
8. Maximus (my Husky)
9. Musketeers (particularly that Athos guy)
10. Mythology (I think I have more books on mythology than just about any other subject except submarines)


  1. I had to tell you that I, too, LOVE maps. A couple years ago, I received a GPS as a gift for opening a checking account. I immediately listed it for sale on Amazon. A GPS is a no-go for me, as it would deny me the JOY of studying a map. I love them.

    One time, when we were living in the South, I got my family on a bizarre road trip because of my love for map-reading. Even though it happened in 1998, we still talk about it to this day. It involved Tennessee 321, and looking at the map, I thought I knew better than the road signs. We eventually got to I-40...after 2 hours on a semi-paved road.

    Anyhow, from one map girl to another...down with GPS, long live maps.

    Hope you're having a great day,

    1. I am SOOO with you! I love maps, and whenever I get online directions, I always study the map portion as that's the important part to me. Not "turn right at X rd."

      Hee, your road trip sounds adventurous and fun!

      And your letter, should you want to play, is T.

  2. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Nice list. We have meteorites, mountains, musketeers and mythology in common...

    And I'm going to assume Messala would have been too obvious. :-D

    1. Yeah, Messala was the second "M" thing I wrote down, but I ultimately left him off the list because I've talked about my abiding love for him elsewhere. LOL! I missed going to see Ben-Hur on the big screen last month (would have been my third time big screen), and I've been craving a viewing ever since.

    2. Also, your letter is C.

  3. Maps and meteroites!

    And, post a picture of your husky? So we can all admire him? :D

    Thanks for playing!

    1. Yay for love of maps and meteorites! Okay, I will post a pic of Max soon.

  4. Sounds like fun! Love to see Mario Cavaradossi on this list! :") All the best to Maximus!

    1. Yay! Someone who knows who Mario Cavaradossi is! :-D Your letter is R!

  5. I love the score for Masada! Bought the LP after it was on TV for the first time. Recently bought the main theme for my iPod. :)

    Best wishes,

    1. How cool that you know it too and bought the LP! I've still got my LP copy. It's such a beautiful score.

      Would you like a letter? If you do, it's... N!