Monday, July 21, 2014

One Little Indian (1973)

This is not a review.  I actually haven't even seen this movie yet.  But I own the score, of course, as it's composed by Jerry Goldsmith, and it has always gotten a lot of play time in my house.  I've been listening to it a lot the last couple of days, since hearing James Garner passed away.  I'm surprised how melancholy his death has made me, considering how little of his work I've seen.  But after my recent viewing of Hour of the Gun and how much I loved him in it, I was starting to look for more of his work, and his death felt all the more sad.

I've never watched Maverick or Rockford Files, or any of the standard James Garner fare, it seems.  But even so, he still made an strong impression on me in just the few things I have watched.

But the first thing I always think of, when I think of James Garner is not The Great Escape, or even his wonderful portrayal of Wyatt Earp.  It's the score to One Little Indian.  This music always gives me an image of him.  RIP, Mr. Garner.


  1. First Eli Wallach, then James Garner -- we're losing the classic cowboys :-(

  2. Have you seen Duel at Diablo? I really think you would like it. It's brilliant. It has a dark, cynical James Garner and an insanely cool Sidney Poitier. Also, it has one of my favorite musical scores of all time!

    1. I have not yet seen it, but really want to! It sounds right up my alley. Dark, cynical James Garner is very appealing! It's been in my Netflix queue. I moved it up to the top of the queue not too long ago, but it's on "very long wait." Sigh.

  3. That's annoying. Hopefully, you can see it soon.

    It's theme is like Magnificent Seven (as a western comparison) in that it just perfectly sets and elevates the mood.