Monday, March 16, 2015

MEMM - Day 20 - Favorite moment/line in The Desolation of Smaug

1.  Smaug busting out of Erebor, covered in liquid gold, and that spiraling flight into the air to shake it off.  Glorious!  I wait the whole movie for that moment.

2.  Every time Thorin taunts Smaug, and every time Smaug gets even more pissed off and either sprays the ceiling with fire or thrashes around in fury.  Both make me laugh with delight.  "You have grown slow -- and fat -- in your dotage... slug!"

3. Bilbo and the butterflies.  Because it is just so beautiful.

Favorite lines:

Thorin's "What did we miss?" Also very fond of "Is there no end to this accursed forest?"


  1. My daughter and I watched this a few weeks ago and we loved it! I was a huge fan of all three LOTR movies, but it took me awhile to watch The Hobbit movies. I still need to see the last one in The Hobbit trilogy - my daughter and I can't wait. We also are watching LOTR again since she was too small when they were released. She's also going to read the books!

    1. How cool that she's going to read the books too! I'm re-reading The Hobbit right now myself! I really really loved the last Hobbit movie (as if that wasn't obvious! LOL). It made me appreciate the first two Hobbit movies sooooo much more than when I first saw each of them, and now I love the entire trilogy as much as the LotR trilogy.

  2. Heehee, I enjoyed Thorin's taunting of Smaug, too;)

    And yes, the butterflies! So pwetty;)

  3. All awesome! I think the gilded Smaug is possibly the most awe-inspiring moment in the trilogy. It totally makes all the foo-fer-ah of the previous sequence worthwhile.

    The butterflies are pretty, but I find them kind of eerie too. Of course, you know how I hate all of Mirkwood, so that's part of it -- something with the lighting there, and the sudden juxtaposition of "la la la butterflies in fantasy land" with "horrible stuff happening below" just makes that part feel... off. Like, intentionally off, don't get me wrong. Just eerie and, well, off.