Tuesday, March 31, 2015

MEMM - Day 21 - Favorite couple

Kili and Tauriel.


I am very fond of defiant romances.  These two defy their own races’ prejudices, their own individual expectations, and they also defy the movie goers who complain “but it didn’t happen in the book,” etc.  Good for Kili and Tauriel!  I personally love these two.  He’s handsome, she’s beautiful, they’re both so very young and impetuous and wide-eyed about life... why wouldn’t they fall for each other?  I love how they just open up to each other immediately, start telling and listening to each other's stories, how simple it is for them to start sharing things, even when one is technically a prisoner.  They don't care and they waste no time. Their limited time together is delightful.  They make me grin, which I can’t say for any other couple in Middle-Earth (well, except for Celeborn and Galadriel, but that’s naught to do with the two of them and is only because Marton’s on screen.  I’m always grinning if he’s around.)

I also admit, I am very fond of tragic romances.  Hey, what can I say?  My first bondings with fictional characters in life were in opera and, while there are plenty of comedies and operas with happy endings, the majority I grew up did not end well for one or both lovers.  Didn't stop me from loving the characteres, in fact, I just loved them all the more because their time together was limited.  Also, my first Shakespeare experience was Romeo & Juliet, and that was a Profound Experience on my youthful, unsuspecting life, let me tell you.  One of those moments in life so strong that the emotional impact has never faded.  (Hm, randomly, I just realized I have exactly three novels with where the romance ends well.  Out of nine.  Um... yeah.)

So, yeah, I love Kili and Tauriel. I love that they don’t end happily, but they make the most of their time together.  Their whole doomed romance just resonates for me.


  1. Yeah. I'm going to have an agonizing time deciding between them and Faramir and Eowyn.

    No, I'm not. Faramir and Eowyn are awesome in the book, but they get so little time together even in the extendeds that, strictly speaking of movies the way we are, there's no contest.

    1. Yeah, and when you're used to only the theatrical version of RotK, their relationship consists of one shot of them standing side by side at Aragorn's coronation.

      I like Aragorn and Arwen a lot, but too many daddy issues in that relationship for it to be a favorite. I love Elrond, but dude! Stop interfering and trying to guilt both of them into giving the other up! It's their lives!

    2. Hee. Every time you bring up "daddy issues" with Aragorn and Arwen, I'm always like, "Well, yes, Elrond is way more attractive than Aragorn, so... oh, wait... that's not what you meant."

      Yeah, he's just overprotective. I get where he's coming from, but after a few thousand years, those apron strings just have to go.

    3. hahaha! Elrond in Hobbit? Oh yeah... Elrond in LotR... not even close. I think I just need those extra ten years on Hugo for him to get attractive.

    4. I think he's still mighty attractive in LOTR, but I don't have issues about pretzel hair like you do.

    5. Ugh, the pretzel hair! He's also thinner faced in LotR. Looks soooooo much better in Hobbit. Filled out a bit, has MUCH better hair, and his costumes are 100 times cooler. :-D (except Elrond in the flashbacks to Isildur, where he is just as hot as in Hobbit, LOL)