Monday, March 20, 2006

29K edited, 84K to go...

Well, somehow, to my complete surprise, I got back in the writing groove last night and wrote an entire new scene and edited the other 5000 words of chapter five without ONCE having my brain shift off-track to the movie. I'm not quite sure how I stayed focused that long. I guess my own characters were sufficiently annoyed with my straying mind ("why is she daydreaming about other men?! Er, not other men, just the same man in another role! Er, no... this is way too confusing.") that they amped up their own smouldery atttiudes and sucked me back into their world and made me forget everything else. Whatever they did... it worked.


  1. Nine weeks! Nine weeks! Are we mad?

  2. (Oh yeah, imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, I took your idea for using the screen-capped writing fingers of a beloved one and use them as a user icon. Know whose mine belong to?)

  3. Gotta be Angel, but I'm guessing that more from the document he's writing on than anything else. :-)

    Very nice icon, too! Hands...