Saturday, March 18, 2006

Well, I WAS on a roll until tonight

Did excellent writing work today, finally. Buckled down and tore the current chapter apart and put it back together. Worked hard and long and disciplined, and it felt GREAT!! Pretty sure the chapter now works the way I need it to, but time will tell.

So I rewarded myself with a movie, a nice short 97 minute movie. Figured I'd go right back to writing afterwards. Um, no. Emphatically no. See, there was this one scene...

Melted me like buttah in a saucepan... like chocolate chips microwaved for, well, I've forgotten the exact second count required to render it perfect, but just like that.

And I'm useless now, just utterly useless for writing. Worse, that thought doesn't seem to be bothering me any. Seems, once dropped into a high state of puddlization, you feel no pain. None whatsoever. Better than morphine.


  1. Anonymous8:54 AM

    No fair! What is this movie that has such an impact?


    John Gilbert

  2. LOL! Though, I highly doubt this movie would have much impact on anybody else. It helps to be in love with Dana Andrews, you see.

    But, since you asked, the movie is a little 1940's noir flick called, "Fallen Angel."