Tuesday, March 28, 2006


There's nothing like it when you're working on a bigger project. It takes a few days of steady good writing to build it up, but then you're rolling. You have to force yourself to break away and go to bed at night, and you wake up early, your mind already at work. You can't wait for the work day to pass so you can get back to it. And when you are writing, it's concise and more prolific than normal. It's a damn wonderful intoxicating feeling and it stops only when you break the momentum. And often one single lousy non-writing day is all it takes to shatter the mood completely, drop you back to ground zero, where you have to start all over again. I'm hoping that day is at least a week off, because I'm having too much fun writing right now.

Last night's session was so profitable, I reached the halfway point on editing this book, and I stopped at midnight only because practicality dictates you must be at least mostly rested for your day job. But that won't stop me from grinning all day long and counting down the hours until 5 pm, when I'm free to get swept up in/perpetuate the current momentum.

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