Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bond. James Bond.

Well, it is James Bond time over here!  I’ve started watching them, in order, and plan to write up my thoughts on each as I go.  Unfortunately, I’m having issues with my main computer right now, so we’ll see how this process goes.

But for starters, let me talk about James Bond in general.  I love James Bond.  Bond was a huge part of my childhood and life.  Still is.  Growing up, I wanted to be James Bond and go on missions to save the world.  Everything about those movies appealed to me, and yeah, I’m sure they shaped quite a bit of who I became.  Back in the '70s, when they’d play a Bond movie Sunday night on television, my parents would let me and my sister watch the pre-credits teaser, then we’d have to go to bed when the main title credits rolled (though we could still hear the theme songs from our bedrooms!).  Then, slowly, as we got older, we were allowed to watch more and more of the movies.  I couldn’t tell you what my first Bond film was on television, other than it was one of the Sean Connery ones.  I can tell you my first Bond film in the theater was The Spy Who Loved Me.  Roger Moore was the active Bond during my youth and teenage years, so he’s the one I got introduced to on the big screen.  I’ve been watching them in the theater ever since…

One of the things I love about James Bond movies is that there are so many flavors of Bonds and films to choose from.  There’s something for most people.  There are advocates for every actor who has played Bond, there’s someone who loves or hates each film, etc.  Even my own family can get into enthusiastic discussions defending one Bond over another, one movie over another... We're very passionate about our favorites.

The following reviews have nothing to do with what’s best, but simply what I like.  At the end of watching and reviewing all of them, I’ll post my Bond favorites lists, from bad guys, girls, films, music, theme songs, credit sequences to James Bond himself.  I’m sure some of my choices will make people go, what??? That’s your favorite???  Hee.  But, hey, Bond and everything about the movies is very subjective, and for me, it's also tied up with my family and growing up.

All reviews will contain spoilers, I’m sure.  And so, first up soon will be Dr. No.

Edited to add links here:

Dr. No
From Russia With Love
You Only Live Twice
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Diamonds Are Forever
Live and Let Die
The Man With The Golden Gun
The Spy Who Loved Me
For Your Eyes Only
View to a Kill
The Living Daylights
Licence to Kill
Tomorrow Never Dies
The World is Not Enough
Die Another Day
Casino Royale
Quantum of Solace


Melissa Amateis said...

Yeah!!! Can't wait to read your reviews! I need to re-watch them all again, too, starting with Dr. No. I, too, used to watch them with my dad when they came on t.v. My mom and my brothers never really liked them, though, so it sort of became a father-daughter thing. =D

Tom said...

Yeah, I think you're right, that there's something for most everyone to enjoy in them. I think that's a reason why Skyfall has been breaking box-office records worldwide.

I hope you don't mind it if I do a couple of 007 posts in tandem with your series. Been catching up with some Bond over the holidays (not watching them in order, though).

DKoren said...

Of course I don't mind! I'd love to read whatever you've got planned. The more James Bond, the merrier!

DKoren said...

I did take your advice and bought a copy of Dr. No. :-D Actually, my sister picked it up for me, found it for only $5.00 at Target or somewhere. That's quite cool that watching Bond movies was a father-daughter thing! I love things like that.

Hamlette (Rachel) said...

I grew up watching bits of these too -- the teaser sequences and random other action scenes that my dad thought were extra fun. I'll be intrigued to see which of them I've actually seen all the way through -- I can never remember, to be honest, because I saw so many bits here and there as a kid, and then watched several of the older ones when I was older, whenever one crossed my path.

Laura said...

Although I haven't written a comment yet, wanted you to know I've really been enjoying this series, Deb! I've seen most but not all of the early Bond films. Like you, my first in the theater was THE SPY WHO LOVED ME (1977) -- still my favorite. :)

It was great to see you at LAURA the other night! Hope to meet up again soon at Disney or in L.A.

Best wishes,

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