Thursday, April 09, 2015

MEMM - Day 28 - Favorite Middle Earth-related item(s) you own

All of it!  Or I wouldn’t have bought it to begin with.  LOL.  I’ve very fond of movie stuff.  My house is filled with movie merchandise, from posters to action figures, to t-shirts and sweatshirts, to jewelry, to magnets and tote bags and luggage tags, to wristbands and license plate holders for my car with choice quotes, to simple pads of paper and pens... if it’s in my house, it’s a good bet it’s got something to do with one of my favorite movies.

Let’s see, though.  Favorite?  Probably my Aragorn necklace (Evenstar) that I never take off.  I would feel naked without it around my neck.

And I love my Fellowship poster of the Argonath that has been on my wall since 2001.  I just had my poster for Battle framed, so both sets of movies are now represented on my wall.

And I love my two framed quotes (one Gandalf, one Thorin).  I'll post a picture of those later, as I need one more thing framed to complete that area.  But it's really cool.

I’m also extremely fond of my hair beads.  I am a braid-a-holic.  I’m always braiding parts of my hair.  Not all of it.  I look better with my hair down, but I cannot stand hair in my eyes.  So, braids are perfect.  I can braid just enough to get it out of my eyes or add accents.  I used to wear a lot of Herger braids (from The 13th Warrior).  Or now, I do a lot of dwarvish braids.  Sometimes elvish braids, but my hair is thick and wavy, so dwarf style braids work much better in it.  And where it’s easy to fishtail someone else’s hair, it’s not so easy to do your own, at least not neatly.  And finishing off a braid with a bead just makes them so much better than just having a mere rubberband at the end. 


  1. You have an Evenstar too! Isn't it an epic necklace? I was freaking out when my brother got it for me;)
    Ooh, I want to see pictures of your framed quotes!!!

    1. Yes, I do love it! I tend to not wear it out, though, unless I've got a v-neck on. It's most often hidden behind my t-shirt collar, and all that's visible is the chain.

      I will post pictures as soon as I get the last part framed!

  2. Your hair braids are wonderful :-) I have the Evenstar necklace too, but I almost never wear it. Only on really special occasions!

    BTW, I tagged you here on my blog :-) Play if you want to!

    1. I wish it was slightly easier to get the quantity of hair right for the beads... half the time I have too much hair, or too little, and I have to re-do or give up and try again the next day. More practice should fix that!

      Thanks for the tag! Fun one!