Thursday, March 24, 2016

100 Favorite Movies - breakdown

So, after Hamlette posted her list (s) and breakdown of her 100 favorite movies, I thought I'd copycat.  Between work and puppy there's not time for much else right now.

I had created a 100 favorite movie list in 2014.  So, I sat down last week and, without looking at the old list, wrote down a new one.  Then I compared the two.  70 movies were the same on both lists, so obviously, those went on the new 2016 list.  Then I had basically 60 other movie choices from both lists to review and see which ones would make the final list for this year.  It wasn't easy, because every one of these films is in the I Love This Movie category.  I love the 30 I left off the list as much as the 30 that made it on the list.  The only difference is mood.  If I wasn't in the mood to watch the movie Right This Second, I left it off.  Probably not the best way to do it, but I needed some extra criteria to fall back on, and that was easiest.  I've read through my list multiple times, and at the moment, it stands.

I'm going to post the breakdowns first, then post the list of movies tomorrow.

Actors with the most movies on my list:

10 - Harrison Ford
6 - Kevin Costner
4 - Andy Garcia
4 - Daniel Craig
4 - James Coburn
4 - John Wayne
4 - Orlando Bloom
3 - Antonio Banderas
3 - Johnny Depp
3 - Kirk Douglas
3 - Lee Marvin
3 - Sam Neill
3 - Sean Connery
3 - William Holden

No surprise that Harrison Ford tops the list.  Between the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies alone, he'd make top spot, but he's also made other movies I love.  Also no shock that Kevin Costner is so high up either, because I love Costner, and he has a particularly good set of movies he's made.  I was a wee bit surprised to see James Coburn up there.  But that surprise only lasted about 30 seconds, because he's also one of my favorite actors, though he tends to get taken for granted like all the actors who have been part of my movie-going experience since day one, and he's been in some great movies.  He actually had 5 movies here for awhile, but I sadly had to drop one off.

23 Action
8 Comedy
15 Drama
10 Fantasy
5 Musical
15 SciFi
4 War
20 Western

This breakdown seems right on par with what I like.  Deciding on a genre is a bit arbitrary, particularly as fantasy, SciFi, War, and Western are really all action films. (I did not put animated movies in an "animated" category, by the way, but ranked them in a genre as if they were a live action movie.)

Movies by Decade
2 from the 1930s
1 from the 1940s
12 from the 1950s
18 from the 1960s
9 from the 1970s
15 from the 1980s
18 from the 1990s
7 from the 2000s
18 from the 2010s

This is probably the most surprising breakdown, because there are sooooooo many movies from the '40s that I love... but they're just not on my current radar, so I had to drop them off the list for now.  Yes, my favorites are fickle  It's all dependent on my mood!  I'm also a bit surprised how many films I have from just the last 5 years.  Wow.  And I know the 2000s were the doldrums, but so interesting to see how that reflects in favorite movies.

And since Hamlette had the movie MPAA ratings, here's how that rolls out:

23 NR (not rated)
6 G
28 PG
28 PG-13
15 R


  1. Well, it really shouldn't surprise us that Harrison Ford tops both our lists, huh? Very cool! And John Wayne makes both too, natch. What does surprise me is how many dramas you have -- not a genre you gravitate toward usually. Interesting!

    I'm amused that we both have this abrupt drop-off in loves from the 1960s to the 1970s. I like more from the 2000s than you, though, by a long shot, and way fewer in the 2010s. Huh. Will you share The List at some point? Here or in private?

    Hah! We both have 6 G movies. That amuses me.

    Anyway, I love that you posted this. Completely fascinating.

    1. Harrison Ford tops my sister and D's list as well, for the same reasons.

      Well, I suppose it depends how you define drama? I just picked the genre for each movie that I think of it as in my head, but I could be wrong about them. I did not look them up to see what imdb calls them. And so many movies are multi-genre, but no way was I going to break things down that way. Would take forever.

      And yes, the list is up today, as I promised.

    2. "Drama" tends to be my catch-all too. Is it just about normal people doing normal things? Drama. Is it about people doing exciting things, but not involving any/much actual action? Drama. Is it about unusual people doing unusual things, but they don't have superpowers and there's not much/any action? Drama. Hee!

  2. Interesting breakdown! After I finish my redux of the Top 100 Movies maybe I'll borrow this idea too. Ford is likely in the most movies on my list too, and of course, he is my favorite actor.


    1. That's so cool that he's your favorite actor! Yes, I'd love to see your summary breakdown when you complete the list as well.

  3. I suspect if I had you categorize my list's genres, it'd be quite different! Might be interesting to try if we're bored sometime. Hee.

    1. That would be fun! And you could do mine. Sometime when we're bored.

  4. Those actors <3 Especially Harrison Ford, John Wayne and Antonia Banderas ;)