Thursday, October 07, 2010

On location - Alabama Hills 4

Here's a few shots showing the front of the Lone Pine Film Museum. I didn't go inside this trip, but I've been in it several times before. A must for any fan of Westerns or the Alabama Hills! Great exhibits, showing posters, photos, costumes, etc. from many of the films made here. There's a short film that runs in their theater that gives some more background on films made here. I love this place! It's so much fun to visit.


  1. I'd really like to go there some day, and work it into a road trip somehow.

    One time I drove 1-10 east from Los Angeles all the way to Joshua Tree Park, and that took several hours; it was a 3 day trip because I also went to the Calico Ghost Town and the Patton WW2 Museum. I like to see as much as I can on trips.

  2. You sound like you do driving trips like me! Scooting around to see various sites where you can.

    Definitely hope you can visit Lone Pine some day. It's a worthy stop.