Monday, October 04, 2010

On location - Alabama Hills

One of my absolute favorite places to visit is the Alabama Hills, in Lone Pine, California. I could spend days just exploring and clambering over the rocks. The rock formations, with the Sierra (or the White Mountains) in the background are so distinctive. There's no place like it. The landscape is instantly recognizable in any film made there, and hundreds of films, TV episodes, and commercials have been filmed here over the years.

I was there over the weekend and took some pictures I'll be sharing here over the next week.

Let's start with the two historical plaques. Click the images to make them larger.


  1. Wonderful! Somehow we haven't seen the GUNGA DIN plaque yet! I'd especially love to see it since Douglas Fairbanks Jr. dedicated it. Will have to look for it next summer. :)

    Best wishes,

  2. It's on the other side of the Whitney Portal road from Movie Flats, so it can be missed more easily! I found it by accident the first time I was bopping around by myself there. Now, every time I go up that way, I stop by there.

    I'll tell you, driving through the Alabama Hills right before the Lone Pine Film Festival (which is this weekend, sigh, wish I could go), was wonderful because they'd just re-graded all the dirt roads. I've been there at times of the year where I had to go very careful down the Gunga Din road, and this time, smooth sailing, not even a hint of the potholes etc. to come after a few months of use.