Thursday, June 04, 2015

Goldsmith scores - quick reviews - 'B' - part two

Wow, the "B"s provide some pretty spectacular scores, and there's more upcoming tomorrow.

Basic Instinct (1992) - A favorite since it came out. Great score, very atmospheric.  I play this one a lot, for both listening and writing.  Favorite cue:  Main Title. 

The Blue Max (1966) - Absolutely fantastic score!!  One of my all-time favorites.  Could probably listen to this one every day and never tire of it.  Not enough superlatives exist to encompass my love for this soundtrack.  It's beautiful, haunting, soaring, and has some fantastic aerial dogfight music.  Favorite cues... (besides the whole score???) "Attack" and "Retreat" are the cues I wait for the most.  And "A New Arrival."

The Boys from Brazil (1978) - I used to listen to this one all the time.  I had the LP and nearly wore it out.  I don't listen to it regularly any more, but I still really like it, with its deceptively cheerful waltzing theme.  Because I listened to that LP so much, I'm still partial to that short version, even though I own the expanded version as well.  Favorite cue: I admit I'm partial to the side A suite from the LP.  It's long and covers all the bases.

Breakheart Pass (1975) - Also a long-time favorite.  This one gets a lot of play time.  Great Western train music.  This is a quite upbeat Western score, not dark, and it's great to put on in the morning to get revved up for the day.  Favorite cue:  "Breakheart Pass," I just adore how music can capture the feel of a train, and this cue in particular thrills me.

Of these movies, I've seen Basic Instinct, The Boys from Brazil, and Breakheart Pass.  I've seen parts of Blue Max, but it's one of those films that I love the score to so much, I don't want to see the movie and get the movie images in my head instead of the ones I have. 

The following two youtube videos are the main titles from Blue Max and Breakheart Pass.

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  1. I like how Breakheart Pass manages to convey both "western" and "1970s" at the same time :-)