Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Goldsmith scores - quick reviews - 'C' - part two

Of these, I've only seen Chinatown.

Chain Reaction (1996) - I own the CD, but it is still unopened.  I have to keep a few CDs unlistened to for a rainy day!  This is one of them.

The Chairman (1969) - This score has one of my absolute favorite main titles of all time.  Unfortunately, I can't say I'm all that enamored of the rest of the score, though it still gets a fair amount of play time, because it's good writing music.  I love the themes in the main title, but they don't figure into the score much, so I always finish listening to this score slightly disappointed.  But the main title will always remain one of my favorites.

The Challenge (1982) - A good but not great score.  Interesting that it follows Chairman alphabetically, because I had the two of them paired on a playlist, as they are a good match with the Asian themes.  This is another score that is good for writing, but I don't really listen to it on its own.

Chinatown (1974) - Probably my favorite of the scores on this page, though I don't listen to it all that frequently.  It's one I think I'm confusing with another score, as I always think I don't like this one, then I listen to it, and am like, but wait, this score is great!  Nicely noir, but not all that dark.

City of Fear (1959) - creepy, dark, noirish score.  Way darker than Chinatown.  I should probably listen to this one more than I do.  It's quite cool.

Here's the main title to The Chairman.  The very first time I heard this, when it hit the part that starts at about 2:00 minutes, I burst into tears because I wasn't expecting that full version of the theme after the quiet lead-in, and it was so beautiful.  What's that the kids say these days?  It hit me right in the feels?  Strangest phrase ever.  LOL.  (And yes, music often makes me cry.)


  1. Bam! Right in the feels.

    (It IS a weird phrase. I think it a lot, though.)

    1. hahah! Funny pic... and quite true. (I can't bring myself to think it yet. Too strange yet... but I'm sure I'll get there, as it does sum up things succinctly.)

    2. (Being on Pinterest, I see it a LOT, which is why it's more in my consciousness than yours. Some boards I follow use it a ton.)

  2. Anonymous8:20 PM

    The thing is, the score to Chinatown is one of the greatest ever and city of fear doesn't come close.

    1. Well, yeah, Chinatown is way up the ladder compared to City of Fear. But CoF does have some good stuff in it.