Friday, June 05, 2015

Goldsmith scores - quick reviews - 'B' - part three

Breakout (1975) - I think anytime the word "breakout" is used in any Goldsmith score, it means you're in for something great.  It's like a code word for great Goldsmith music about to happen...  Anyway, I love this score, and it gets played a lot.  Great Spanish-flavored score, with a nice mix of slow romance and action.  Favorite cue is "Breakout Part 2/Here They Come."  I love that cue so much I played it twice in row, cuz once isn't enough.

The Brotherhood of the Bell (1970) - This one I've only heard once previously.  Quite the mixed sound in this one.  Downright creepy half the time, but also has some traditional classical cues in a baroque style, but with a jazzy undertone that's quite fascinating.  Overall it has a very nervous, paranoid sound that will probably be good for writing, but I have not needed that sound yet, so it will be saved for a rainy day.  No favorite cue yet.

The 'Burbs (1989) - Delightful score!  Fun stuff here, but I love it cuz it never quite falls into silly.   Just stays fun.  Favorite cue: "Klopek House," of course, with it's delightful Western theme and ricocheting bullet sound effects.

Of these films, I've only seen Breakout.

Can't find any of my favorite cues on youtube, so here's the end credits from The 'Burbs.  The theme I particularly like starts about a minute in, then goes right into the Patton-esque theme right after.  Dig it all!  This score makes me grin.

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