Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Not-Your-Average Disney Tag

How fun!  Hamlette tagged me for this.  Disney movies, The Wonderful World of Disney (tv show), and Disneyland were such formative factors in my life!  My mom has been going to Disneyland since the very first week it opened.  I remember E tickets, and the first time we went to the park with this pass my aunt got that enabled us to go on all rides, all day, no tickets.  I remember attending Disneyland's 25th Anniversary (ye gods, they are currently celebrating their 60th this year!) which was very very special at the time.  I still have a bag with the 25th Anniversary logo design on it that I've kept all these years, for no good reason whatsoever.

I know when most people think Disney, they think the animated movies... but I grew up on so much live-action Disney, where the Disney animated movies we saw were only a handful.  So my first Disney thoughts still run to live-action.

#1:  Favorite Disney movie of all time?
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954).  It's been my favorite since I was a kid.

#2:  Favorite Disney character?
Oh man...  Erm.  It's probably a tie between Tonto (The Lone Ranger) and Will Turner (Pirates of the Caribbean).

#3:  First Disney movie seen in cinemas?
I have no idea whatsoever.  Most likely Fantasia or Pinocchio or 20,000 Leagues.  They re-released a lot of the classics while I was growing up.  Of first run Disney movies ...(runs off to check list of Disney movies and when they came out...)  Okay, it was most likely The Rescuers (1977).

#4:  What Disney item do you collect the most?
Anything from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Stills, posters, etc.  And The Lone Ranger merchandise.  Have tons from that as well.

#5:  What is your favorite Disney song?
Whale of a Tale, of course!  (from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)

Though, I admit I really really love listening to Sean Connery sing in Darby O'Gill and the Little People.  Never gets old.

#6:  Which Disney voice actor would you most like to meet?
Peter Ustinov!  (From the animated Robin Hood) Because... Peter Ustinov!  (And besides, his Prince John remains one of my favorite Disney animated characters.)

#7:  Favorite Disney movie that is not a classic?
The Jungle Book (1994, not the animated version) or Dragonslayer (1981).  Love them both.  The former has Sam Neill, and John Cleese, and Cary Elwes, and was also the first thing I saw Lena Headey in.  I have never seen the animated Jungle Book film, nor do I have any desire to, but I love this movie so much.  It's beautiful and fun and serious and full of adventure.  I love the plot, love Jason Scott Lee as Mowgli, and, it's one of my favorite Sam Neill roles, not to mention it has a great score by Basil Poledouris.

Dragonslayer is dark, more adult Disney, but it remains one of the best dragon movies, with a great twisty plot.  I love Caitlin Clarke as Valerian, and Sir Ralph Richardson as the wizard is just brilliant.  The only thing I'm not fond of in this movie is the score.  I'm afraid I have never been a fan of Alex North.

#8:  Flounder, Sebastian, or Scuttle?
Who?  (I'm guessing from others who have done this tag that they are characters from The Little Mermaid.  Alas, that's probably my least favorite Disney animated movie, so none of them.)

#9:  Saddest moment in a Disney movie?
Dumbo, "Baby Mine." If I don’t walk out of the room before that scene starts, I will bawl buckets.  I get teary just thinking about it. 

#10:  Which Disney princess has the best sidekicks?
Snow White!  She gets the seven dwarfs.

Bonus question:  Of the lesser known Disney movies, what one would you recommend?
The Rocketeer. It's such old-fashioned, delightful fun.

I'm not going to tag anyone, because most of the bloggers I follow have already done this, but if you love Disney, I'd love to see what your favorites are!


  1. Mary Poppins was the first movie I ever remember seeing in the theater. I was 4 and it was re-released in 1980. I think I'd choose that movie as my favorite Disney film, non-fully animated. Do you remember watching the 30th anniversary Disneyland TV special? I didn't have a VCR then but I recorded the audio with my cassette recorder (silly!). I loved when Julie Andrews said "Happy Birthday Mickey!" at the end. Also I need to watch Robin Hood sometime soon (never saw the full movie). But I love the Roger Miller songs in it. And for voice actor I think I'd choose Phil Harris because I love him on the Jack Benny show and would like to meet Alice Faye too.

    1. I saw Mary Poppins then too! My cousin took my sister and I to see it during that re-release. It was amazing and wonderful. Definitely one of the best Disney films.

      When I was young, I thought O'Malley in Aristocats was voiced by John Wayne. I remember being corrected that no, it was a gentleman named Phil Harris, but to this day, I still think "John Wayne" when I hear him. He would have been my second choice for voice actor I'd love to meet.

      If we watched the 30th anniversary special... I don't remember it anymore. :( But we probably did.

  2. I really need to rewatch The Lone Ranger. I never watched the whole thing, but now, after hearing you and Hamlette talking about it, I think I really should;)

    Will Turner is great. I think we forget about him a lot (distracted by Jack's awesomeness and whatnot), but he really deserves more attention.

    Peter Ustinov's John is delightful XD

    1. The Lone Ranger won't appeal to everyone, though. My sister does not like it at all (too dark and unpleasant for her), but everyone else in the family loves it. I'm not sure you need to be in a hurry to see it!

      There's a picture of me when I was young, at Disneyland, standing with Prince John. He's got his hand on my head. I have looked for Prince John every Disneyland trip since, and I have never seen his character show up again. :(

  3. The Rocketeer was a lot of fun! I'd like to see it again sometime.