Monday, February 02, 2015

MEMM - Day 1. Favorite moment/line in Fellowship

Okay, let's get to Day 1's questions:  Favorite moments in The Fellowship of the Ring.

Well, there's the "entering Bree" moment. It's night, it's rainy, it's muddy, there's Carrot Man, and Thorin heads for the Prancing Pony to meet Gandalf... no, wait, I mean, four hobbits are heading for the Prancing Pony to meet Gandalf, who was there for Thorin but who fails the hobbits; however, Strider is there to pick up the slack and save the day instead and say one of my favorite lines, "This is no chance meeting," no wait, I mean, "I can avoid being seen when I wish, but to disappear entirely... that is a rare gift." Which really is one of my favorite lines. Honestly.

And there's also the "exiting Moria" moment, where a huge battle is going on and Thorin becomes Thorin Oakenshield after gaining a temporary victory over Azog... No no no, I mean, where the Fellowship minus Gandalf come out upset and crying and Aragorn tells them there's no crying in baseball, and they head off to meet Celeborn who is one of the few in Middle-Earth who can make me temporarily forget about Thorin.  

Why, yes, I am thinking about just one thing, er person.... why do you ask?  And no, those aren't really my favorite moments. My brain is just having a wee time of it shifting back to The Lord of the Rings, it’s so immersed in the Hobbit trilogy and the wonderfulness that is Thorin right now.

(Thorin.... sigh...)

(And while we're off topic, you know, they're not that dissimilar, Richard Armitage and Marton Csokas...  And they both wear a mean cravat and side burns...)

But SERIOUSLY! Here we go.  All joking and handsome men aside. Here are my GENUINE favorite moments in Fellowship. And by favorite, I’m defining these as the moments I sit through the whole movie just to get to. The ones I wait and wait for, bouncing with excitement when they finally arrive. The ones that if I missed, it would be game over, start the movie again (this is because I cannot jump directly to my favorite scenes and just watch those on repeat... they lose all emotional build-up if you cheat and not watch what came before).

Favorite scene in the whole movie:  From Aragorn’s “Run. Run!” command to Frodo, to Aragorn saluting the Uruk-Hai (which would be my favorite single moment in this movie), through the whole end fight and Boromir’s death. This whole section is what I wait through the entire movie to get to. I love Aragorn so much here. Love Legolas and Gimli leaping into the fray, helping each other out where possible. Merry and Pippin leading the orcs away from Frodo. Boromir gloriously redeeming himself. Aragorn/Lurtz’s fight is perfection, with my second favorite moment of the whole movie being when Aragorn bats the thrown knife out of the air with his sword. 

Other favorite moments: The Argonath. Just wow. I’ve had the movie poster of Fellowship that shows the Aragonath on my wall since Fellowship came out. Love it.

Boromir telling Aragorn about Gondor while in Lothlorien. “Have you seen it, Aragorn? The white tower of Ecthelion, glimmering like a spike of pearl and silver, its banners caught high in the morning breeze. Have you ever been called home by the clear ringing of silver trumpets?” Wow.  That is a Moment.

Those are my three most favorite moments.  But there's also, about 18,000 other moments, like the balrog. Weathertop. Gwaihir’s rescue of Gandalf. The Nazgul chasing the hobbits through the nighttime forest... This is my favorite of the first three movies by a landslide, and there is no shortage of scenes I love love love love love.

As for one favorite line?  Impossible.  This movie gets quoted all the time around my place.  But for now, let's go with Boromir’s “It is a strange thing, that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing. Such a little thing.” Pretty much represents the movie to me.  And Boromir is awesome in this moment.

(What, I was supposed to only pick ONE moment from one of my all-time favorite movies????  Woops...)


  1. :-D :-D :-D

    Why can't I do the little laughing icon here that I can do in IM? Not fair. Just imagine I'm doing one, cuz you totally cracked me up. Again :-D

    And yeah, choosing one moment is nigh unto impossible. I should have just said, "This Entire Movie Is My Favorite Moment. The End."

    1. Hee. Well, you were good and picked just one moment! I can do that on the rest... until we get to Battle of the Five Armies, then I will have to repeat what you just said, "This Entire Movie is My Favorite Moment. The End." ROFL!

    2. Um, yeah. I've been thinking about that last one, and... I've narrowed it down to 4 so far...