Monday, February 23, 2015

MEMM - Day 10 - Lord of the Rings character you relate to the most


He is both the character I relate to most, as well as the one my family thinks I’m most like.  It goes along with the question "where do you belong in Middle-Earth?"  I belong with the rangers in the north.  (This is kind of like how, if I was in the Game of Thrones world, I would be in the Night’s Watch.)  I’d be out patrolling the borders of the Shire, etc.  I’m perfectly content being out in the woods for long stretches at a time, quietly protecting things from the shadows for most of my life, until forced to step up to the plate.  I tend to avoid leadership roles, but when I’m required to, I am good at it.

I very much relate to his personality, and the way he acts and thinks, particularly in dangerous situations.

And there are so many little moments that are matches for what I’d do in those circumstances.  That look Aragorn gives Pippin when Pippin asks about Second Breakfast?  That is so me.  One breakfast is plenty, dude!  We’re not eating again until dinnertime.  And I would throw an apple at him to munch on instead.

When they escape Moria, and Boromir wants to give everyone a moment, and Aragorn is like no way, we need to keep moving, mourn later.  That would be me.  I would salute the uruk-hai before I fought them, because you always salute your opponent.  It's the honorable thing to do.  The way he’s got his hand on his sword, carefully watching to make sure Borormir returns Frodo’s ring when they’re in the snow.  The way he responds to Legolas at the council, when Legolas tells everyone who he really is... man, even the first time I saw that movie, in my mind, I was already telling Legolas to sit down and be quiet before Aragorn spoke.  (I’ve behave similarly at work when someone tries to recognize me as more than a "mere ranger," er... employee. LOL!)  The way he’s comfortable traveling alone for long stretches.  Singing to himself.  Making promises in the heat of the moment.  His "I do not fear death" line. 

I relate to Aragorn carrying a bow and arrows, in addition to his sword.  I am a multi-weapon girl, and I just love that he has the bow too.  There are situations when a bow is more useful than a sword (and you can't hunt dinner with a sword).  It’s good to be prepared.  I am also extremely partial to the dagger Celeborn gifts him.  If there was one Middle-Earth prop I could take home, it would probably be that dagger.


  1. Lucky you;) From just the little bit I know of you, I could see you being very much like Aragorn!

  2. It's so you. And, after Gandalf falls, I would so be Boromir going, "DUDE! Can you give them some space for just a second?" And then because you/Aragorn are the leader and I promised to follow/obey, I'd be like, "Okay, fine, yes, we should go. But I'm going to be grumpy and scowly about it." One of the places where I identify more with Boromir than Sam.