Saturday, February 07, 2015

MEMM - Day 04 - Favorite sword

I love swords.  I love fencing.  These movies are filled with amazing, beautiful, deadly weapons! The swords the elves use, particularly Thranduil's blades, are gorgeous, all that intricate work... however, they're not my favorites because I like symmetry. And elf blades are single-edged.

I have two favorite swords.  First up: Aragorn's sword.  NOT Anduril.  I have no love of Anduril.  No, I love Aragorn's first sword.  The practical, well-used one.  I have always loved and wanted that sword soooooo much. It's aesthetics and shape please me immensely.  I love the width of the blade, the length of it, the pommel, hilt and guard shapes.  You can use it one-handedly or two-handedly.  It is what I would want to carry.

 (this one!)

(I actually DO have a full-sized plastic version of it leaning against my wall nearby that pleases me greatly.  That is one long sword!  My nephew gifted this to me.  It was actually his Christmas present this last year from me, but he gave it back to me.  This is because he assigned everyone in our household a Middle-Earth character that we match, and I am Aragorn. Aragorn must have Aragorn's sword, after all!  My nephew is Legolas, so what would he want with Aragorn's sword?  None of us have gone by our real names since early December, and I mean that seriously.  Dinner conversations can go like this:  "Hey, Tauriel, are there any more mashed potatoes left?" "No, I think Gimli ate them."  For reals.  It is all highly amusing having an imaginative 7-year-old around.  And a LoTR-loving family perfectly willing to go along with the fun.  So yes, if you call out "Aragorn!" and I'm around, I will answer.  It's habit now!)

(And it gets used whenever Legolas and I have to fight orcs around the house.  There are a surprising amount of orcs in the house one must take care of around here.)

My other favorite sword is Sting.  I probably wouldn't have answered Sting until I held it.  My nephew received a replica for Christmas (yes, there was much LotR sword-giving this past Christmas!).  It was supposed to be a toy version, but this is no toy.  This is a real blade, and it is the most amazing thing to unsheathe and hold.  Sting was always a great sword in the movies, but I fell completely in love with it after holding it.  It is such a pretty sword.  Also, Sting glows blue when those pesky orcs come calling, and no other sword seems to do that.

Glamdring would be my third favorite.  It is also an amazing sword.


  1. I almost said Sting, because it has such a great history, going from Bilbo to Frodo to Sam and all, but... nope, I like Glamdring better. This is good! We won't fight over who gets to use which sword.

    I love that Little Legolas gives everyone else names too. Sam and Sarah don't do that for Cowboy and me at all.

    1. Glamdring is just a classic, beautiful, awesome sword.

      Yes, Legolas has always included everyone in the family in his character assignments. Although, I think us adults might have prompted it early on, actually, rather than it originating with Legolas. I think when he started naming himself after characters, we would be like, "that's cool, but who are WE?" So, maybe you just need to prompt Sam and Sarah and see what happens! LOL! M just got in the habit of always naming everyone. We've always done that anyway, picked characters that match each of us (Jurassic Park, Avengers, etc...), but we never went by our character assignments until M insisted.