Wednesday, February 04, 2015

MEMM - Day 02 - Favorite characters from each race

Favorite Hobbit - Bilbo

Favorite Human - Aragorn

Favorite Elf - Legolas

Favorite Dwarf - Thorin

Favorite Orc - Azog and Lurtz (Saruman's Uruk-hai are my favorite of the orc races).  I'm not sure I can pick which one of these two I like better.  They are both great adversaries.

Favorite Wizard - if I have to pick one, Gandalf...


  1. You beat me. By miles. I'm still waiting for three little mice to go play in the basement so I can do some screencapping.

    I love that picture of Bilbo!

    1. I had stuff written on each selection, but I ended up deleting that out. Words do not seem to be my strong suit today.

      Looking forward to yours, and your screencaps! :-D

    2. It was almost 50 out, so I ended up taking the kids to the playground instead. Hoping to get the screencapping done tonight instead. I need 8 yet!

    3. A day out is worth it! And aren't you proud of me? I actually narrowed my favorites down for once. Those elves were the hardest. I can make cases for several of them.

  2. Cool answers!:D Gandalf is my favorite of the Istari too, and Bilbo's my favorite hobbit, though it's hard to choose between him and Sam and Pippin XD