Sunday, February 15, 2015

MEMM - Day 08 - Favorite costumes

I will endeavor to keep this list reasonable.  I LOVE the costumes in these movies.  From Gandalf and Saruman’s robes, to the elves amazing outfits, to the men of all the realms, to the hobbits, to Thorin’s company’s multiple costume changes.  The costumes are exquisite and glorious and so perfect for each race. They aid in the story telling as much as anything else.   But, I do have favorites out of all that greatness.  I'll break these down by movie.

The Fellowship of the Ring:
Boromir’s rich outfit that I've wanted to steal since the very first viewing.  Boromir's outfit is my favorite costume in all of Middle-Earth.  The undisputed number one favorite outfit of them all.  I saw Fellowship many many times in the theater when it came out, and each time, I would study and revel in the material and the patterns and textures of his costume.  It’s one of the many disappointments in watching Fellowship on the small screen that I can no longer see all the amazing detail that a big screen viewing affords.

Aragorn’s Strider wear.  What can I say?  It may be a bit grungy but it is imminently practical, and I would totally wear this ensemble myself, given the option. I love it from the boots to the fingerless glove on his sword hand.  His Fellowship costume is my favorite of everything he wears.  He trades in his grey/bluish shirt for a maroon one in TT, and it isn't nearly as appealing as this one.

Legolas’s outfit in Lothlorien.  Sheer love!  Okay, I realize this is what he's got on under his normal outfit, and he's just divested himself of the outer layers, but I love love love it.  The pale blue color, the patterns.  I wants it, precious!

The Two Towers:
Arwen’s lavender outfit.  This costume is so pretty!  It's my favorite of Arwen's outfits (not to mention her hair is gorgeous here too.  I think this is the only time she wears it up, and I love it swept up like this.)

Theoden’s outfit.  I’m particularly fond of the colors he has going on, and the richness of the patterns.

The Return of the King:
Arwen’s red dress, which I can't seem to get a good screenshot of. 

Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin's princely, rich outfits when they ride back into Hobbiton at the end of the movie.  Gorgeous!  I could not get screenshots of them, even though each rides by the camera, they were all blurry.  But it's these outfits...

An Unexpected Journey:
Thorin's splendid outfit with the fantastic long fur sleeveless jacket.  He gets to keep this outfit well into Desolation, which pleases me greatly.

Elrond's blue outfit when he and Gandalf meet with Galadriel and Saruman.  My favorite of all of Elrond's clothes.  I am not fond of his robes in the LotR movies.  This outfit, however... cool jacket and boots... yowsa.

Galadriel's outfit - this is the only time we see her not in white, and it is by far my favorite of all her costumes.  It is just beautiful.

The Desolation of Smaug:
Bilbo’s post-Lake-town blue coat outfit - thank goodness he lost his Shire outfit.  This one is a massive improvement and just rocks. 

Thorin’s post-Lake-town outfit in Erebor after he loses the outer layers. 

Tauriel’s outfit – I want this one badly.  The colors, style, it is both practical and beautiful all rolled together.

The Battle of the Five Armies:
Thorin’s chainmail and outfit at the very end

Elrond’s armor - Elves have great armor to begin with, but this is just a beautiful set.

Bilbo’s outfit when he returns to the Shire.

Absolutely everything Thranduil wears in this movie, from riding wear, to lounging in tent wear, to his cloaks, to his beautiful exquisitely detailed armor.  That is one well-dressed elf.  Can't really get shots of his costumes yet either, but I ooh and ahh every time he comes out in something new.


Olivia said...

YESS!!! The costumes!

I love all of Arwen's dresses. I mean, can you get any closer to perfection on earth?;)

The hobbits' princely outfits! I love it:D

The elves. They have a high sense of fashion, they do;) Elrond's blue coat!!!

Hamlette (Rachel) said...

We have a bunch of the same favorites! I was just composing my list quick before heading off to bed, figuring tomorrow I can grab screenshots of many of them (but not that Bilbo outfit at the end of TBOTFA or Thranduil's splendid riding cape -- argh!). I like your picks!

DKoren said...

Well, got a screen capture of Bilbo's end outfit at least! Added it in.

Hamlette (Rachel) said...

Sigh. Such an awesome outfit.

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