Tuesday, February 24, 2015

MEMM - Day 11 - Favorite moment/line in The Return of the King

Another very easy one:  Lighting the Beacons.  Yes, I do have patterns, LOL!  My favorite moment in The Two Towers is a sweeping vista of gorgeous scenery shown while my favorite music of the movie plays.  Lighting the beacons in the same:  amazing, sweeping, gorgeous mountain scenery and my favorite cue of the entire movie.  I cry every time this scene hits. It’s so beautiful I just can't contain the tears.  Just like the scene in Two Towers, this scene is the whole reason I watch this movie.  


Since I've been listing three moments for each, my second favorite moment would Pippin’s departure from Edoras with Gandalf.  I love Merry and Pippin here so much.  “Why do you look?  Why do you always have to look.”  And Pippin's "Merry!" as they ride out of the stable, and the way Aragorn runs after Merry to watch them ride away. 

Third favorite moment is Minith Morgul, with the witch king on his fell beast and the exquisite colors of the place.  This was particularly awesome on the big screen... it lacks that terrifying grandeur on a television set, but I still wait for this moment, Gollum and Sam trying to haul Frodo to safety, their hiding behind the rocks while an army of orcs emerges and the witch king presides over all.  Amazing moment.

As for a favorite line... hm.  I don't quote this movie much.  I guess Aragorn's "I do not fear death" line.

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