Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 28 → This year, in great detail

2010, so far, has consisted primarily of home improvement projects and very little else. After being cited by the City for being in violation of the municipal landscaping code for having bare dirt in my front yard (I'd dug it up to re-do it... they just cited me before I could start work), I was forced to start work ASAP or be fined. Deadlines are good things though, and it really kept me focused and on track. I did most of the work myself (other than the large lawn section) and am quite pleased with how it came out. Just need some patio furniture now so I can hang out and enjoy it.

That project was wrapping up just as I finally had the opportunity to re-do my bathroom, which took several weeks; in fact, the last bits were just completed yesterday.

I've done little new writing this year, but have been working on revising one novel following the lessons in Holly Lisle's How To Revise a Novel course. So far, I'm really enjoying this course, even more than the How To Think Sideways one. It is direct, to the point, and it meshes very well with my own goals in the revision.

I've inherited another abandoned young cat this year, Flinx. Well, two technically, but the other (Binx) stays outdoors and just wants a little food in the morning and evening. Flinx, on the other hand, wants a lot more than food. He wants love -- lots of it, and playtime, and to sleep inside at night, and more playtime, and more love. I tried to find him a good home, but that didn't work out and now I'm kind of glad because it turns out he's the best cat I've ever owned. He has the most amiable and loving personality, plays with my dog and other cats, catches gophers, curls up in my lap whenever he can, and is gorgeous on top of it all.


  1. I love your yard! Once you get patio furniture, it will be perfect. And your new cat is GORGEOUS. Wow.

  2. You get cited for not having grass? :P My liberterian sensibilities are offended. :D

    But all your hard work looks to have paid off very nicely. Enjoy that yard and patio this spring (I guess summer gets too hot for you to really enjoy being outdoors).

    Enjoy your new kitty, too. :)