Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Day 06 → Whatever tickles your fancy

Coincidence! Two George Raft films were playing at the Egyptian theater this past Saturday, and I was all lined up to go when plans unfortunately unraveled at the last minute. So what showed up in the mail yesterday? Not one, but two George Raft films from Netflix. I'm only on the one-at-a-time plan, but some of the top items in my queue are on short wait, and the next available item had to ship from somewhere else in the US, so they shipped the item after that as well to tide me over. Both ended up arriving the same day, no delay at all. So now I have Mr. Ace and Outpost in Morocco to watch. Missed two, got two others. I am bummed I couldn't get to the theater, but I'll be keeping an eye out and hopefully will be able to catch the next ones.

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